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Plants Med Laboratories Pvt. Ltd


PLANTS MED LABORATORIES PVT. LTD. is the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of various Ayurvedicand Herbal products. The product range includes Ayurvedic-Medicines, Instant Green Tea, Herbal Beverage such as Herbal Tea and Herbal Coffee. All the products are prepared from superior quality standardized extracts of medicinal plants, spices and fruits.

The Ayervedic and Herbal products Manufactured by us are formulated for total heath care. These products are prepared only from natural extracts. The production of our Ayurvedic remedies is based on the original, classical specifications of Charak, Shushruta and Sharangandhar Samhitas, Vagbhatta's, Ashtang Hridya,, Sahstra yogam, and authentic research work published in journals of international repute. Our products are the result of committed effort in research, quality control, and manufacturing-to create the safest, superior, and healthy herbal health, skin and hair care products.

Instant Ayurvedic Coffees/Herbal Coffees

Instant Green Teas

  • Arjuna Instant Green Tea
    About Product  Maintains Healthy Heart and lipid levels Improves Emotional Quotient    Our herbalists have crafted this   synergistic blend containing Arjuna , Pushkarmool, Green tea  and juices of black grapes  and blueberries to help support the health of the
  • Ashwagandha Instant Green Tea
    About Product  Contributes towards resistance to stress Boosts Immunity  Provides anti-viral Support    Enjoy the flavor of sultry vanilla and rich nutty almonds with the adaptogenic immunomodulating and antioxidant health benefits of Ashwagandha, Green Tea and 
  • Brahmi Instant Green Tea
    About Product  Promotes relaxation Maintains mental health   This delicious and juicy tea is prepared to help you work and study with composed and happy mind. Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) and Centella asiatica (Mandukparni) are used in ayurveda to support all aspects of mental functioning,
  • Cinnamon Instant Green Tea
    Maintains normal sugar and lipid levels Provides Anti-viral support   This comforting and invigorating green tea was crafted to provide you the health benefits and taste of sweet and spicy cinnamon and sweet and sour apple.  Green tea and cinnamon have health relationship with glucose
  • Garcinia Instant Green Tea
    About Product Metabolizes fats and carbs Helps Aid in Weight Loss   This uplifting tea with an invigorating aroma and fresh lemon taste provides you powerful combined benefits of Green tea, Garcinia cambogia and lemon. These ingredients aid in weight loss and healthy metabolism when combined
  • Lemon Instant Green Tea
    About Product Sooths stomach linings  Sooths muscles & joints pain Metabolizes lipids Provides Anti-viral support   This invigorating and refreshing green tea with ginger   is prepared to provide antioxidant support, boost immunity and sooth inflammations. Green tea and
  • Shatavari Instant Green Tea
    About Product  Maintains healthy Hormonal system For comfortable menopause Adaptogenic   This tea laden with the rich and seductive fragrance of fresh rose was crafted by blending instant green tea with extracts of herbs reputed in ayurveda for their remarkable health benefits for
  • Tulsi Instant Green Tea
    Biosap brings you best tulsi green tea first time in India in easy to carry stick containing 100 % water soluble ingredients. Enjoy best green tea for lungs (tulsi green tea), all natural and synergistically blended instant Green tea with Sacred Tulsi, Peppermint leaves and natural mint flavour

Instant Herbal Teas

  • Cinnamon Apple Instant Herbal Tea
    About Product Maintains healthy blood sugar, cholesterol, and lipid levels* Boosts Immunity and Sooths Respiratory* Naturally Caffeine Free Sweetened with Stevia    Biosap Cinnamon Apple herbal tea is crafted to provide you health benefits and taste of sweet, soothing, spicy and a
  • Lemon Cumin Instant Herbal Tea
    About Product Maintains Healthy Digestion and Hemoglobin Levels  Helps Aid Weight Loss Naturally Caffeine Free   This soothing herbal tea with an earthy, nutty aroma of cumin and natural lemon zest maintains a healthy digestive system and balanced gas production. The ingredients of this
  • Lemon Fennel Instant Herbal Tea
    About product Improves Digestion,  Provides Post Pregnancy and  and  Breast Feeding Support Naturally Caffeine Free   This delicious herbal tea is a fusion of lemon and digestive spices fennel and star anise.  These spices have the health relationship with digestive,
  • Lemon Ginger Instant Herbal Tea
    About Product Refreshing and Revitalizing  Sooths Stomach and Digestive Tract Provides antiviral support Naturally Caffeine Free   This refreshing and revitalizing blend of lemon and Green Ginger is crafted to pamper your senses and recharge your spirit. Lemon Ginger tea is suggested by
  • Moringa Instant Herbal Tea
    About Product Maintains Overall Health Naturally Caffeine Free   This energizing and refreshing herbal tea with fresh lemon taste was crafted to provide you numerous health benefits of Moringa leaves. Moringa extract is recommended for maintaining normal cholesterol, blood lipid, and sugar
  • Tulsi Ginger Instant Herbal Tea
    About Product Warming and Invigorating  Boosts Immunity Detox  Respiratory Tract  Eases Stomach Stress Naturally Caffeine Free   This uplifting herbal tea is a unique blend of the extracts of green Ginger and Tulsi (holy basil). Tulsi and Ginger are used in Ayurveda to

Digestive Health

The company is the noted Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of highly effective Digestive Syrup, namely Ayuzyme Syrup. The formulation of our Digestive Syrup is done carefully in our advanced unit under the most hygienic conditions.

  • Ayuzyme Syrup
    Key Words: digestive syrup, digestive herbal enzymes, indigestion supplement, ayurveda medicine for gas, gastric problem medicine, gastritis medicine, stomach problems treatment, farting treatment, acidity medicine   About Product Improves appetite and detoxifies intestine  Biosap brings

Anti Diabetic Medicines

We are counted amongst the reliable Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of highly effective Anti Diabetic Medicines. Our range is inclusive of Gudmar Forte Capsules and Sugonil Tea. Anti Diabetic Medicines that we offer are prepared using quality natural ingredients and appreciated for accurate composition, purity and effective results.

  • Gudmar Forte Capsules
    Anti- diabetic Dietary supplement Fortified Gymnema is a unique combination of antidiabetic herbs and minerals used in Ayurveda since ancient times. Its primary ingredient Gudmar (Gymnema Sylvestre) meaning "sugar destroyer" has been shown to have a regenerative effect on pancreatic beta cells and
  • Sugonil Tea
    Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels Stimulates insulin production Improves sensitivity of peripheral insulin receptors   Sugonil tea is a matchless Ayurvedic blend of herbs that help the body metabolize sugar by stimulating insulin production and improving the sensitivity of peripheral

Heart Health

Heart Care Medicines that we manufacture, export and supply are widely appreciated for their accurate composition, purity and effective results. Our range includes Arjuna Forte Capsules, Fortified Noni Capsules and Hibiscus Tea.

  • The  phytonutrients of Arjuna capsules  have been detected to exert antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, lipid lowering and cardiotonic effects as well as promote healthy collagen formation. Arjuna forte  may also help relieve symptomatic complaints of essential hypertension viz.

  • we manufacture, export and supply  Noni capsules . Our Fortified  Noni capsule is a matchless Noni preparation because in it Noni is balanced and fortified with the extracts of world’s richest antioxidant fruits, Indian Gooseberry (Amalki) and Grape seeds. Noni fruit extracts is
  • Type : Herbal Tea

    Shelf Life : 12 months

    Pack Size : 50 sticks of 2mg ea..

    Pack Type : Paper Box

    Use : 1 stick 3 - 4 times..

Joint Pain Relief Medicine

Joint Pain Relief Medicine that we manufacture, export and supply is known for its high effectiveness in providing relief from any type of joint pains. Our range includes Maharasnadi Forte Capsules, Mediflam Honey and Jontpro Capsules. Joint Pain Relief Medicine that we offer is carefully formulated using high quality chemical compounds and is free from impurities.

  • Dasmool Forte Capsules
    About Product Helps body regenerate cells Tones nerves Improves Muscles and Bones Health Improves Lactation Rejuvenates during fatigue caused by viral infections   It is traditionally used the formula for fatigue, cellular regeneration. It speeds up the elimination of dead or weak cells and
  • Haridra Forte Capsules
    Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antiseptic, Anti-viral  and anti-allergic support Supports immune system   Haridra( Turmeric ) is highly valued in Ayurveda as a nutritional support in obstinate skin complaints, viral infections, and muscle injury. A spice with anti-allergic
  • Maharasnadi Forte Capsules
    Key Words : Osteo Arthritis ayurvedic medicine, Chikungunya arthritis pills, Viral Arthritis product, knee pain product, hip pain herbal pills, Parkinson’s ayurvedic supplement, Cervical spondylosis pills, lumbar spondylosis , maharasnadi quath extracts pills   About Product Nutritional
  • Mediflam Honey
    About Products Enhances Athletic Performance Improves joints health Tones and repairs muscles Improves heart health Anti viral   This delicious Elixir is prepared by blending and infusing in honey, garlic and cinnamon extracts, traditional and highly consumed herbs and spices for
  • Jontpro Capsules
    About Product Soothes joint pain Supports Cartilage  Improves joint health   Jont pro is a unique ayurvedic preparation containing extracts of herbs reputed in Ayurveda for easing joint pain.  It helps body provide greater control of osteoarthritis (OA) or rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
  • Mediflam Tea
    About Product Manages joint Inflammations Improves joints health   Mediflam tea is exclusively prepared for those who are suffering from inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. It contains standardized extracts of herbs which remove the accumulation of Ama (toxins at joints) and pacify

Liver Health/Detoxification

We are a trusted name as Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Liver Care Medicines. Our team of professionals formulates it under the stringent supervision of experts so that the quality is not sacrificed.

  • Mediliv Syrup
      Key Words :  liver tonic, liver detox, fatty liver treatment, liver cleanse, Hepatocyte regenerator   About Product MediLiv restores deranged functions of hepatocytes Liver curative and protective Quickly restores natural liver functions Helps promote the breakdown of collagen in

Brain Health Supplements

The wide assortment of Mind Care Medicines is inclusive of Brainy Tea and Hear Learn Syrup. We are a reliable Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Mind Care Medicines from Rajasthan, India.

Beauty and Skin Care

We let our buyers lay their hands on our exclusive selection of Skin Care Medicines that encircles Bumax Capsules, Fairy Tea, Feglow Tea, Neem Forte Capsules and many others.

  • Fortified Neem Capsules
    About Product Purifies blood and detoxify sweat and fat glands Improves Skin Health Helps body fade the Black spot and facial marks   Neem Forte is prepared for those who are suffering from skin diseases such as scabies, acne, pimples and eczema, black spots and marks on the face. Neem
  • Mahamanjisthadi Forte Capsules
    About Product Improves Skin health Heals wound Purifies blood Helps body fight chronic skin problems   Mahamajisthadi, a polyherbal preparation containing more than three dozen herbs, clears heat from plasma and blood by purifying blood, detoxifying liver, increasing diuresis and promoting
  • Bumax Capsules
    About Product Fades dark marks and patches Lightens your skin gently and safely Reduces Hyper pigmentation, age, and liver spots Prevents acne formation Provides a radiant even skin tone   Bumax is a powerful blend of herbs, minerals, and vitamins reputed for a radiant and even skin tone.
  • Fairy Tea

    Calories : 5 approx

    Total Fat 0g : 0%

    Sodium 0mg : 0%

    Potassium 0mg : 0%

    Total Carbohydrate 1.0g : 0%

  • Feglow Tea

    Total Fat 0g : 0%

    Sodium 0mg : 0%

    Potassium 0mg : 0%

    Total Carbohydrate : 1.0g

    Added sugar 0 g : 0%

  • Noderma Capsules
    About Product Anathematic, Antibacterial, Purifies blood Detoxifies liver, Pacifies pitta, Promotes bowel movement Eliminates blood toxins   Noderma is a unique ayurvedic preparation containing cooling and detoxifying herbs. According to Ayurvedic principles most of the skin problems,
  • Lusture Honey
    Replenishes the skin from inside    About Product LUSTURE, a beauty honey is prepared with a blend of Ayurvedic botanicals, fruits & honey reputed for controlling signs of aging & replenishing skin from inside. The powerful phytochemicals of these ingredients protect skin from the

Weight Management

Enlisted amongst the most sought after Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Weight Loss Medicine; we provide the customers with the best possible solutions for Weight Loss.

Womens Care

We delight the customers by offering Women Health Care Medicines that are 100% certified and tested Women Health Care Medicines. Our product basket contains She Fuel Honey, Femitone Syrup, Pause Tea, Fevit Gold Capsules and V-Itch Capsules.

  • Femitone Syrup

    Product Type : Herbal

    Form : Liquid

    Packaging Type : Plastic Bottles

    Packaging size : 200ml

    Side-effects : Amenorrhoea, Headach..

  • Pause Tea

    Certification : FSSAI Certified

    Shelf Life : 1years

    Packaging Type : Paper Box

    Features : Health Conscious, Ni..

    Packaging size : 50 sticks of 2 g eac..

  • We are one of the promising Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of the medicine for  vaginal itching.  Our V-itch  capsule is  an all natural ayurvedic formula containing herbs  traditionally reputed for maintaining general vaginal health . It sooths itching , redness

Kidney Stone Medicine

We are leading Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of the Kidney Stone Medicine. We offer the customers 100% certified Kidney Stone Medicine inclusive of Urotone Syrup and that too at the most affordable prices.

  • Urotone Syrup
    About Product Detoxifies Kideny and Gallbladder Treats Urinary Tract Infection Soothes Burning Micturition   Urotone is an ayurvedic formula prepared by blending the herbs with established significance in an array of urinary disorders. Urotone eases diuresis, provides antiseptic support,

Other Products

  • Hear & Learn Shankhpushpi Syrup
    Hear and learn is fast acting ayurvedic preparation containing standardized extracts of Shankhapshpi, a most acknowledged Medhya ( mind tonic) herb and other herbs Mandukparni , Brahmi , Ashwagandha , Guduchi, Kooth and Vacha , reputed in Ayurveda for enhancing and coordinating all the three