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Garcinia Forte Capsules

We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of   best diet pills and  Garcinia .  Our Garcinia capsules  is  a unique and ground-breaking ayurvedic supplement containing herbs that may aid in weight loss when combined with moderate exercise and a sensible diet. It addresses all metabolic functional disorders linked to obesity or overweight. It stimulates thermogenesis means it helps body burn extra calories by biological combustion of food.One of its principal ingredient Garcinia may help reduce body weight by suppressing appetite and inhibiting the conversion of calories into body fat. The active ingredient of Garcinia , Hydroxy citric acid (HCA) was found to  inhibit the particular enzyme in the body that converts carbohydrate calories to fat storage.


Supplement Facts :

  • Serving size 1 capsule thrice daily
  • Serving per container 60 capsules

Amount per serving :

  • Garcinia cambogia extract : 200mg*
  • Gudmar ext. (Gymnema sylvestris) ext. : 32 mg*
  • Punarnava (Boehraavia diffusa) ext. : 50 mg* (Standardized for 50% HCA)

*Daily value not established

Inactive ingredients : Dicalcium phosphate, Matodextrin, Silicone dioxide, magnesium stearate. Vegetable capsule shells or hard gelatin capsule shells

Actions :

  • Reduce food intake
  • Increase thermogenesis
  • Modulate fat and sugar metabolism
  • Diet Life style recommendations

Indications : obesity, large tummy

Uses :

  • Take one capsule of Garcinia forte 30 minutes before each meal, breakfast and evening snacks. Those suffering from gastric problems can take Garcinia forte after meals. Take  for 4-6 months in conjunction with   weight loss fundamentals: consuming less energy by eating right diet and increasing lean muscle mass as well as burning calories through exercise gives fast better and long lasting results.
  • For better result replace your coffee or tea with Slim bru and take Guggulu forte along with it also take  Inshape honey tea in morning
  • Also replace your breakfast with Trim fast optima sattu diet and evening snacks with Trim fast optima Protein diet .

Dietary and life style suggestions :

  • Jogging , aerobics and other  weight training routine help build build muscle mass. Muscle mass burns more calories per gram of weight. Try to live an active lifestyle; take stairs instead of escalators if  possible.Take soups prepared from Moong daal, Kulthi, barley, Sawan
  • Boil 5 liters water till it reduces to 1liter, drink half liter of this water before meals
  • Drink a minimum of eight glasses of water daily.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Chew food thoroughly.
  • Stop eating when the first feeling of satiety takes place.
  • Consume spices such as black pepper, cinnamon, cardmom, ginger, High fiber diet.
  • Avoid High refined sugar and refined carbohydrate intake. These foods tend to be calorie dense and nutrient poor.
  • Diet .containing  trans fatty acids Urad daal , rice , potato, Red meat specially mutton Sleeping in day time
  • Try not to eat large meals before bedtime


Grade Standard Medicine Grade
Form Capsules
Function Obesity, Large tummy
ingredients Dicalcium phosphate, Matodextrin, Silicone dioxide, magnesium stearate. Vegetable capsule shells or hard gelatin capsule shells
Dosage 1 capsule thrice daily
Pack Size 60 capsules