Plants Med Laboratories Pvt. Ltd

Sugonil Tea

We are the known Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of high quality and effective  anti- diabetic tea  that helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Our Sugonil Tea stimulates insulin production and improves sensitivity of peripheral insulin receptors. Sugonil Tea that we offer contains a perfect combination of Gudmar, extracts, Vijayasar extracts, Banaba extracts, Cinnamon extracts, Ashwagandha, extracts, Punarnava extracts, Green tea extracts, Black tea extracts, etc.


Supplement Facts :

  • Serving per container : 50
  • Serving size : 1 stick of 2gm
  • Calories per serving (kcal) : 5

Active ingredients : Gudmar (Gymnema sylvestre) extracts, Vijayasar(Pterocarpus marsupium)  extracts, Banaba (Lagerstroemia speciosa) extracts, Cinnamon extracts, Ashwagandha ( Withania somenifera roots ) extracts, Punarnava ( Boerhaavia difffusa ) extracts, Green tea extracts, Black tea extracts,

Inactive ingredients : Maltodextrin,  Fructo oligosaccharides (FOS)  , sweeteners( Sucralose  and acesuflame K), Silicone dioxide, natural and nature identical flavours

Action : Hypoglycemic, Insulin Sensitizer, Antioxidant, Strengthen liver and kidney

Indications : Diabetes and other related symptoms

Recommended Use :

  • Drink three times a day before meal and breakfast. In combination with regular exercise and maintenance of a healthy body weight, Sugonil Tea   can help support optimal metabolic function and blood sugar control if taken regularly for 4-6 months. You can also use Dyab Bru.
  • For better result take one capsule of Gymnema forte twice daily with it. Replace your breakfast with Dyab nutra or Dyab Protein.