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Ayuzyme Syrup

Digestive Syrup  that we offer is carefully prepared using quality natural ingredients such as extracts of gugal, methi, chitrak and various others herbs . We are the known Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of highly effective Digestive Syrup   Syrup. It is a polyherbal preparation containing herbs reputed in Ayurveda for improving appetite and detoxifying  intestines. It is recommended for conditions like loss of appetite, gastritis, indigestion, acidity and bloating of stomach.


Ingredients: Extracts of Ayuzyme : Kalmegha(Andrographis paniculata),  Gugal ( Balsemodendrone mukul) 600gm Methi(Trigonella foenum gracum) Chitrak ( Plumbago Zeylenica) Dalchini (Cinnmomum zeylenicum),  Elaichi( Elletaria cardmom),  Vach (Acorus calamus),  Suddha Bhallatak (purified Semicarpus anacardium) , Suddha Kuchla ( purified Strychnos nux vomica) ,  Shatavari (Asparagus racemosa),  Vidang ( Embelia ribes) , Kaseru ( Sicpcrus kysoor),  Tagar ( Valeriana wallichi) Kumari ( Aloe vera),  Kalongi ( Nigelia sativa),  Jatamanshi Nardostachys jathamanshi), Parpat ( Fumaria indica)  , natural spicy flavour and sugar syrup, permitted preservatives.

Actions :

  • Digestive
  • Antacid
  • Anti-flatulence

Indications : Loss of appetite, gastritis, indigestion , acidity and bloating of stomach.

Therapeutic dosage :

  • Adult  2 tablespoon after meal
  • Children above 12 years 1/2 tablespoon after meal